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Scholarship Information

Your senior child has access to the Senior Scholarship Google Classroom page. The google classroom page has more information about each scholarship as well as the application & submission links (if applicable). Please email Mrs. Barnes if you have any questions about accessing the senior google classroom page. Applications will either be submitted to the guidance office, mailed in by the student, or submitted to the appropriate website. If the application does not specify how to submit application, check the Senior Scholarship Google Classroom page for clarification. 


*Students should request recommendations and transcripts 2 weeks in advance. 

*No applications will ever be submitted to the google classroom page

October 2021
10/19 Heisman  Heisman Scholarship Link
10/31 VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship Voice of Democracy Entry Form.pdf (PDF)



11/15 Elk's Most Valuable Student Scholarship Elk's Scholarship Link



12/1  We Have a Dream Essay Contest (submit to guidance office by deadline) We Have a Dream Essay.pdf (PDF)

KCA William Robertson HS Essay Scholarship Contest (use the link provided to apply and submit)

KCA Scholarship Opportunity.pdf (PDF)

KCA Scholarship Link

12/15           KASBO Scholarship (use the link provided for information on how to apply and submit application) KASBO Scholarship Link

Kentucky Society - Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship

(turn application into guidance office by deadline)

Kentucky Society Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship Information and Application.pdf (PDF)


1/7 The American Legion - A Constitutional Speech Legion Scholarship Link
1/31 Kentucky Ag Athlete of the Year Scholarship  KY Ag Athlete Link


2/1  Civil Engineering Technology Scholarship Civing Engineering Technology Scholarship and Information.pdf (PDF)


Elk's National Foundation Legacy Award Elk's Legacy Scholarship Link

Mediacom Scholarship Program (student mails in)

Mediacom 2022 Scholarship Application and Information.pdf (PDF)
2/25   "I Have a Dream" Scholarship  I Have a Dream Scholarship.pdf (PDF)
2/25  All A Classic Scholarship (student mails in) All A Classic Scholarship Foundation 2021-2022.pdf (PDF)


MARCH 2022
3/1      Woodman of the World #92 Scholarship

Woodmen of the World #92 Scholarship Info and Application.pdf (PDF)

3/1 Caldwell County Homemaker Scholarship Caldwell County Homemaker Scholarship.pdf (PDF)
3/1 Community Disciples 

Community Disciples Scholarship Information.pdf (PDF)

General Scholarship Application PDF.pdf (PDF)

3/1 Preston Traie Massey Memorial Scholarship 

Preston Traie Massey Memorial Scholarship Info and Application.pdf (PDF)

3/1 Princeton Rotary Speech Contest  Princeton Rotary.pdf (PDF)
3/1 Preston Traie Massey Nursing Scholarship  Preston Traie Massey Nursing Scholarship Application and Info.pdf (PDF)
3/1 Madeline Holloway Memorial Scholarship 

Madeline Holloway Agriculture Award Info and Application.pdf (PDF)

3/1 George Crafton Memorial Scholarship (student mails in) 2022 George Crafton Scholarship Packet.pdf (PDF)
3/1 Emma Grace Riley Scholarship  EGR Scholarship 2021-2022.pdf (PDF)
3/1 Bob Hart Agriculture Scholarship Bob Hart Scholarship.pdf (PDF)
3/1 Butler County Alumni and Friends Scholarship Butler Caldwell Alumni and Friends Scholarship Info and Application.pdf (PDF)
3/1 Princeton Kiwanis Scholarship Kiwanis Club Princeton Scholarship Info and Application.pdf (PDF)
3/4 Caldwell County Farm Bureau Scholarship  Caldwell County Farm Bureau Scholarship Application and Information.pdf (PDF)
3/7 Delta Kappa Gamma-Chi Scholarship  Delta Kappa Gamma- Chi Scholarship 2022.pdf (PDF)
3/10 Princeton Electric Scholarship  Princeton Electric Plant Board Scholarship Application.pdf (PDF)
3/11 Alden Scholarship Fund  Alden Scholarship Link
3/14 Gradatim Reading Scholarship 

Gradatim Classic Reading Scholarship Application.pdf (PDF)

3/15 Caldwell Cattleman Association Scholarship Caldwell-Lyon Cattlemen's Association (CLCA) Scholarship.pdf (PDF)
3/15 Princeton Rotary Student Scholarship Princeton Rotary Club Student Scholarship Application (no speech).pdf (PDF)
3/15 Englehardt/Ingleheart Agriculture Scholarship 

Englehardt Ingleheart Scholarship Information and Application.pdf (PDF)

3/15 KAPOS Stella S. Gilb Scholarship KAPOS Scholarship Application.pdf (PDF)
3/18 Caldwell County Foundation Scholarship

2022 Caldwell Co Foundation Scholarship.pdf (PDF)

3/30 JoAnne Bland - Democratic Woman's Club of KY Scholarship JoAnne Bland Scholarship - Democratic Woman's Club of KY.pdf (PDF)
3/31 ABAK Agricultural Scholarship (student mails in) 2022 ABAK Agricultural Scholarship.pdf (PDF)
3/31 Caldwell County Historical Scholarship Caldwell County Historical Scholarship.pdf (PDF)


APRIL 2022
4/1 Kentucky Federation for Republican Women (student mails in) Kentucky Federation for Republican Women.pdf (PDF)
4/1 FCA Outdoors KJAE Milliken Memorial Outdoors Scholarship (student mail in)

FCA KJAE Milliken Memorial Outdoor Scholarship Information.pdf (PDF)

FCA Outdoors KJAE Milliken Memorial Outdoor Scholarship.pdf (PDF)

4/1 Optimist Club

Optimist Scholarship Information.pdf (PDF)

General Scholarship Application PDF.pdf (PDF)

4/1 Jake Hodge Memorial Scholarship (student mails) Jake Hodge Scholarship Application Updated 2021.pdf (PDF)
4/1 Outstanding Business Student Award 

Outstanding Business Student Award Info and Application.pdf (PDF)

4/1 Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Chamber of Commerce Scholarship 2022.pdf (PDF)
4/8 Bryant/Allo Music Scholarship  Bryant Allo Scholarship Application.pdf (PDF)
4/11 Fredonia Lions Club Local Scholarship Fredonia Lions Club Scholarship Information and Application.pdf (PDF)
4/15    River's Bend Retirement Community Scholarship (student mail in) River's Bend Retirement Community Scholarship Info and Application.pdf (PDF)
4/15 Pennyrile Electric Scholarship (student mails in application) Pennyrile Electric Scholarshop Info and Application.pdf (PDF)
4/15      Great Wall Scholarship  Great Wall Scholarship Info and Application.pdf (PDF)
4/15 Grandparent Scholarship Grandparent Scholarship 2022.pdf (PDF)
4/15 KEA Arletta Kennedy Scholarship Fund (student mails in application) KEA Arletta Kennedy Scholarship.pdf (PDF)
4/20 VFW Post 5595 Legacy Scholarship 

VFW Scholarship Post 5595(1).pdf (PDF)

General Scholarship Application PDF.pdf (PDF)

4/29 Paul Riley Scholarship  Paul Riley Scholarship Info and Application.pdf (PDF)
4/29 Fredonia Academic Scholarship Fredonia Academic Scholarship Information and Application.pdf (PDF)


Foundation Scholarship Renewal application